Students thankful for teachers, families, first responders and military

Students thankful for teachers, families, first responders and military
Posted on 12/12/2018

Superintendent Column 

Leander ISD is part of a wonderful, caring and supportive community that values public education and the well-being of its young people. 

In November, we asked students to tell us what they are thankful for and to share stories of people to whom they would like to say “thank you.”  We received positive feedback from 90 percent of respondents, as well as a long list of teachers, coaches, parents and others that have made a difference in the lives of our children.

“I am thankful for all of my teachers and administrators for giving me the best education that I could ask for,” one student wrote. “I am very thankful for the hard work that all of my teachers put in to make sure that I am educated to my best level.”

“I am thankful for my softball coach, because she is amazing at not only her job as a coach, but she is a great person, in general,” said another. “I have so much I could say about my coach about how intelligent and caring and motivating she is. I appreciate her a lot and so do my parents.”

While teachers and parents were lauded for their impact on the lives and success of our students, we heard from many about their appreciation for those that serve our community. First responders and military personnel were rightly cheered for doing so much to ensure our continued prosperity, often at great sacrifice.

“I am thankful for our servicemen who protect American freedoms,” began one response. “Thank you to those serving and thank you to their (spouses), sisters/brothers, sons/daughters of enlisted for all that you sacrifice.”

With Winter Break on the horizon, we will remind students that it is always better to give than receive. How do you give or serve others? Please share stories of service activities or experiences you have in or outside of school. For more information about Student Voice, please visit