Better Hearing and Speech Month shines spotlight on LISD Speech and Language Pathology Dept.

Better Hearing and Speech Month shines spotlight on LISD Speech and Language Pathology Dept.
Posted on 05/08/2019

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In recognition of Better Hearing and Speech Month, we are highlighting the work of the Speech/Language Pathology (SLP) Department in Leander ISD. The district is fortunate to have 38 outstanding SLPs that provide evaluations and treatment for more than 2,000 of our students who experience difficulty in any of the following areas:  articulation, expressive/receptive language, swallowing, voice, stuttering and social language.

Student needs are addressed in a variety of ways, including direct therapy, classroom- based lessons in collaboration with Special Education staff, classroom lessons in general education, and consultation with teachers across disciplines. These collaborations among our SLPs and classroom staff are an especially effective way to ensure our students have as seamless and consistent an educational experience as possible throughout the school day, regardless of where they are learning. Our SLPs  are members of the educational team for each student with whom they work, providing a crucial component of the student’s educational plan.

If parents have concerns about a child’s ability to communicate at school, I encourage you to discuss those concerns with your child’s teacher. For children younger than school age, you can contact the LISD Child Find Department to inquire about an evaluation. In Texas, speech impairment is one of the 13 disability categories that is recognized under Special Education, which means that Special Education guidelines are followed with regard to speech impairment like any other disability area. For more information about the development of communication skills in children and treatment information, parents and teachers are encouraged to visit the American Speech/Language Hearing Association website:

If you need more information about speech impairment evaluation or services, please contact the Special Education Department at 512-570-0300. I invite you to join me in expressing thanks to these dedicated individuals committed to helping our students learn and grow to achieve their full potential.